The incredibly popular SUPERIOR DYE SUBLIMATION range of match kit is being populated on to our website.  There are now 75 high quality designs featured on the site, all of which can be customised to your own club colours.  By early February we anticipate this figure will be over 100 options. The simple to use kit builder element allows clients to load club badges, sponsors, sleeve decals, names and numbers to create a professional quality match kit.  All logos are included within one easy to understand pricing structure. Whats more our design team will tidy up any graphics or logos to ensure the finished article is perfect.

SUPERIOR DYE SUBLIMATION has so many benefits to the end user, below are just a few

Greater choice of design, why be limited by a brochure offering just a few alternatives?

Our bespoke service allows clients to produce a totally unique design for their club.  Just give our design team an idea and let us get to work!

More colour choice, and by using the very best inks and fabrics we can GUARANTEE vibrant strong colours.

ALL LOGOS GUARANTEED 100% PERMANENT.  Banish cracked and peeling sponsor logo’s or numbers to history, it simply cannot happen.

Longer life expectancy on the team kit

Never discontinued.  The design is digital, we can therefore supply this exact same team wear for as long you require it.

Repeat orders of just ONE SINGLE PIECE ensures your team is never short of a match kit.

Possibly the biggest single asset for SUPERIOR DYE SUBLIMATION (SDS) match kit is price.  In most instances an SDS jersey will cost less than a traditional garment; when factoring in the extra costs associated with club badges, sponsor logos, charter badges, numbers, etc etc.

Why wouldn’t your club want their next team kit to last longer, be more innovative, be more professional and reduce costs at the same time?

Before ordering your next team kit be sure to look at the benefits of upgrading to SUPERIOR DYE SUBLIMATION, you may be surprised by whats possible……



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